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Rug Cleaning Gold Coast customers continually trust us to look after their valuable rugs. We are the Gold Coast rug washing professional cleaners providing high quality rug cleaning to residential, commercial and industrial clients that meets the standards of the Carpet Cleaning Consumer Guide of Australia (www.carpetcleaningconsumerguide.com.au/).

Specialty Services – Rug Cleaning Gold Coast professionals specialise in tailor made processes for Oriental or Persian rug cleaning which require the utmost care and attention. We also expertly groom all rug compositions with the same attention to detail ensuring any colour bleed prevention even for stubborn urine stain removal.

Rug Cleaning – Depending on the rug style, age, condition and material, Rug Cleaning Gold Coast use a variety of cleaning process including jet vacuuming and extraction or vibration dirt removal to cleanse your rug. As the Gold Coast rug washing professionals, if a rug is even slightly fragile, we will utilise a hand washing process where necessary for pet stain or odour removal and follow it with a conditioning pH rinse.

Rug Restoration – Rug Cleaning Gold Coast can provide specialised treatments to restore your rug including edge stabilisation and fringe whitening. Additionally, our Persian rug cleaning technicians predominantly include a hand grooming process when necessary for persistent stain removal. When rug restoration is complete we offer the Armour Rug Protection treatment to retain the restoration of your rug.

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