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Our residential, commercial and industrial customers take comfort in knowing that we meet the high standards of the Carpet Cleaning Consumer Guide

Hand Washing of Heavy Grime or Delicate Areas

Rug Cleaning Gold Coast has a comprehensive client list of satisfied clients

Offer hand grooming and persistent stain removal

Our hand rug washing service (without the restoration process) is ideal for customers

We help to protect your rugs and keep them looking their best


We are working around the world with 25 years of expert

With specialty services that include colour bleed prevention and tailor made processes for our Persian rug cleaning Brisbane customers together with our specialist rug washing service Gold Coast clients trust us to look after their valuable rugs. Rug Cleaning Gold Coast prides itself on providing a service that complies with the high standards as set down by the Carpet Cleaning Consumer Guide of Australia.

Rug Cleaning Gold Coast clients repeatedly look to us for all their rug cleaning or restoration needs.
Our unbeatable rug washing and rug restoration system will help protect your rugs and keep them looking their very best.

Service Overview

We are a specialised rug cleaning, rug washing Gold Coast business who is known for our unbeatable rug washing system that will keep your rugs looking their best.


  • Machine Vibration Grit Removal
  • Specific Design Quick Drying Racks
  • Oriental Rug Cleaning
  • Persian Rug Cleaning
  • Professional Dye Locking
  • Colour Bleed Prevention
  • Pet Urine Stain & Odour Removal
  • pH Neutralisation Rinse
  • Mites and Eggs Treatment and Removal
  • Mould Remediation


  • Jet Vacuuming and/or Extraction
  • Dirt, Grit and Allergens Removal
  • Hand Washing of Heavy Grime or Delicate Areas
  • Specialised Conditioning Rinse Process
  • Detailed Fringe Cleaning
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Offices & Public Areas
  • Hotel/Motel Specialised Rug Cleaning Services
  • After Hours Services
  • Insurance Work


  • 24/7 Water Damage Restoration
  • Fringe Whitening
  • Stubborn Stain Extraction
  • Discolouring Remediation
  • Final Process Hand Grooming
  • Armour Rug Protection Treatment
  • Over-locking for Edge Stabilisation
  • 3 Years Stains and Spills Protection
  • Total Rug Revitalisation

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