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“Restoring rugs and floors across South East Queensland”

Rug Cleaning Gold Coast is the first choice for residents living anywhere between the Gold and Sunshine Coasts in South East Queensland.

This is because they offer quality rug cleaning services including pick up and drop back. They are professional rug cleaners who are experienced in different levels of carpet cleaning. A simple quick clean solution is the Opti-cap carpet cleaning method. This is an easy and economical method to keep the luster on your carpet plus it’s ideal for industrial or commercial offices.

Within an hour the Opti-cap cleaning process is done and your carpets are returned to you feeling soft and fluffy plus with a gleaming look. Plus every client wants their rug smelling good, so only the best scented cleaners are used for the job.

The second rug wash Gold Coast option is a four stage cleaning process. First is preconditioning the rugs to dissolve oil or soil sediments trapped inside the rug.  In this stage the carpet is also sprayed with a built-in deodorant to kill the odour.

Second stage is spot removal which is perfect for those wine stains, pet stains, paint stains and any other kind of stain you can label as ‘tough’. Provided it can come out in some way, you will have professional rug cleaners at your doorstep to solve the problem!

If the simple tough stain procedures in stage two don’t work, stage three then comes to play; the heavy-duty stain removal. This stage gets rid of any soil segments that might pose a threat to your good looking rug.

The last stage is to spray your rug once more with an even sweeter deodorant. This takes care of any odor that doesn’t come from bacterial cause. And because you are consulting the best rug wash Gold Coast experts, your rugs will come back with the fluffiness it previously had and an amazing scent. You just won’t want to leave home anytime you don’t have to!